1-phase hopper loader

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Ferlin - 1-phase hopper loaders

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Ferlin - 1-phase hopper loaders

The 1-phase hopper loader

In addition to a central transport system, a local system can also be chosen for the suction of material. The advantage is that it is easy to connect, so that a considerable automation can take place without too much investment. The 1-phase hopper loaders have an automatic self-cleaning and a quick-change system for the filter. The hopper loaders are made of stainless steel and available in a 3- and 8-litre versions.

German product

Easy to integrate

Available in 3 and 8 litre versions 

Technical specifications

Contents3 L 8 L
Height472 mm 568 mm
Clamping ring200 mm250 mm
Weight11.6 Kg14.2 Kg
Power0.85 Kw0.85 Kw 
Connection voltage230 - 240V / 50 /60 Hz230 - 240V / 50 /60 HZ
Compressed air6 - 8 Bar6 - 8 Bar
Connection material40 mm40 mm
Ferlin - 1-phase hopper loaders


For many, getting a lot done with little effort is the holy grail. The use of single-phase hopper loaders is in line with this. It is easy to integrate into an existing system. Only a compressed air connection and 230V are required to connect the hopper loader. The hopper loader has its own motor and filter with which the material can be sucked up. The hopper loader is available in 3 and 8-litre sizes. Filling the hopper manually is then a thing of the past. For further automation, a central system can be chosen.

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