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Ferlin - automatic coupling station

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Ferlin - automatic coupling station
The Automatic Coupling Station
Digicolor's automatic coupling station is very robust and reliable, which is why it is often used in hard-to-reach places. This saves expensive floor space. The automatic coupling station is equipped with heavy-duty servo motors that require little or no maintenance. In addition, a special alloy is used to make the arms. These arms move to the correct position, after which they are fixed. The suction cycle can be started after fixation. After the suction cycle, these arms are emptied and cleaned once more so that no contamination can occur. The automatic coupling stations can be integrated into our FerlinBridge so that everything can be operated from any device connected to the same network. Also, all data is stored in SQL.

Automatic material change

Margins of error reduced to a minimum

Can be placed both vertically and horizontally

Compatible with FerlinBridge 

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Technical specifications

AKS-40 AKS-50 AKS-60
Pipe diameter 40 mm 50 mm 60 mm
Number of material connections 24 20 20
Number of hopper loader connections 24 20 20
Height (H) 2050 mm 2050 mm 2085 mm
Width (B) 1125 mm 1125 mm 1182 mm
Length (T) 1000 mm 1000 mm 1182 mm
Ferlin - automatic coupling station
Ferlin - automatic coupling station

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