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Ferlin DW 12


Digicolor dryers have a very constant dew point. The dryers are equipped with a rotating disc that simultaneously regenerates, cools and extracts moisture. Due to the constant dew point, all materials receive the same treatment, which improves the quality of the end product. Because the processes take place at the same time, a lower regeneration temperature is needed, and therefore this dryer has a much lower energy consumption than other types of dryers. Very suitable for drying PET, PP, PA or bio-based plastics. Standard equipped with an overdry protection whereby the dryer automatically switches back depending on the set parameters.

Number of components: 2, 3 or 4


No contamination

No compressed air required

Technical specifications

Topic Unit Value
Funnel volume L 10 / 25
Max. air flow m3 / h 2-14
Temperature °C 55 – 180
Dew point °C -40 – 0
Absorbed power KW 0,95
Connection voltage V/Hz 230 / 50
Ferlin plastics drywell dryer head
A technical drawing of the Ferlin DW 12

constant quality with less energy consumption

It will have escaped a few people's notice: our society is becoming more sustainable. Constant quality contributes to this. After all, this will result in fewer failures and less wasted energy. Digicolor dryers work with a rotating disc that simultaneously regenerates, cools down and absorbs moisture. This creates a very constant dew point so that material is always treated the same and the quality of the end product is much more constant. The regeneration temperature is also considerably lower, resulting in less energy consumption in the process itself. Last but not least, the dryer switches back automatically when material remains longer in the hopper. This makes saving energy very easy.

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