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The extrusion process has a continuous character, which makes the reliability of dosing and mixing machines, hopper loaders and dryers extra important. Interrupting the process costs a lot of extra start-up time and the downtime costs quickly rise. Thanks to many years of experience, our machines are equipped with many smart details which reduce downtime and optimise the extrusion process.

Removable hoppers make it easy to clean the machine. Because regrind or grinding materials are often used in the blow moulding process, dust is created during the process. With fixed hoppers, it is often a difficult job to get all the dust out of the hoppers. The removable hoppers make this a simple job. The hopper loaders can stay in place during cleaning, and no tools are needed. In addition, the hoppers are closed, so no unnecessary material is lost.


The removable weighing pan makes further cleaning of the dosing machine even easier. Just loosen an air coupling, and the weighing pan can be removed without any problems and without any loss of material.

The removable mixing chamber completes the easy cleaning of the dosing machine. The mixing chamber is fully welded and equipped with a manual slide so that no materials are unnecessarily lost.


Regrind control: The extrusion process often results in edge strips. These edge strips already contain the correct ratio of components. By grinding them into regrind, they can be reprocessed. The regrind control ensures that the consumption of regrind by the GRAVIMIX follows the actual flow of regrind or millings. The GRAVIMIX automatically adjusts the dosage between set percentages so that as much of the regrind as possible is consumed, thus saving considerably on additives and masterbatch.

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Plunger slides are used in hoppers to dose larger materials. An additional advantage is that these plunger slides pull through the material so that even difficult flowing materials such as regrind or grinding material can be easily and consistently metered.


Funnel aeration can be used in addition to the plunger slides in funnels. The aeration ensures that the very light film particles are blown loose during dosing so that even the most extreme bridging is broken.

Loss-in-weight hoppers can be used to map the decrease in weight of the complete mixture. This allows the extruder to be controlled on the number of grams that a metre of film may weigh.

F4 and CF500 filters are used to transport materials before they are dosed and processed in the blow moulding machine. Because regrind or grit is often used in blow moulding, a lot of dust is generated. A lot of dust can lead to a reduced capacity of the transport system, so pleated filters or other filters that are cleaned with compressed air often have to be cleaned manually as well. This brings the process to a standstill. The F4 and CF500 filters work with filter bags and a vacuum-based self-cleaning system that creates a very large airflow through the filter bags. This reverse jet cleaning is very powerful so that the capacity of the system is maintained and manual cleaning is hardly necessary. This not only saves a lot of time but also a lot of downtimes.


Hopper loaders of the MOVAC series have been developed with a lot of attention to detail. These details ensure that the process does not have to come to a halt because rubber has worn out at the inlay filter, which is missing in our hopper loaders due to smart design.

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