FGB 10

Gravimetric dosing
Ferlin - Gravimix - FGB 10

The smartest solution for blow moulding, injection moulding and extrusion

Ferlin - Gravimix - FGB 10

Dosing with the FGB 10

The FGB 10 Gravimix dosing machine was developed for the efficient dosing of free-flowing thermoplastic materials. The FGB 10 is a medium-capacity machine. It is especially suitable for machines where a constant and high quality of your final product is required. Ferlin has used the ease of use and continuity as the most important starting points when developing the Gravimix. This makes the machine extremely reliable and easy to clean.

  • Max. capacity: approx. 750 - 1800 kg/h
  • Number of components: 2 to 7
  • Comprehensive control
  • Option to FerlinBridge
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Technical specifications

Batch weightkg10
Number of components max.7
Capacity*kg/h750 – 1800
Material content funnels*Litres88L
Mixing chamber capacity*Litres56L
Connection voltageV/Hz400, 50/60
Absorbed powerkW0,55
Compressed airBar6
Compressed air consumes approx.NI/h250
Dimensions L x W x Hmm1370 x 1370 x 1675
Weight approx.kg300
Ferlin - Gravimix - FGB 10

Implementation and solutions

Due to the modular construction of the FGB 10 series, various versions are possible, with up to 7-8 hoppers with metering slides. Parts that come into contact with the material are made of stainless steel. This version can also be expanded with our transport system, which has the same characteristics. This ensures a complete solution.

Grip, insight and control

The system weighs very accurately and displays the weight of each component in 0.1 or 1 gram, depending on the type of operation. In addition, this machine can be expanded with the FerlinBridge, which allows all consumption data to be linked to, for example, an MES system. This gives you grip, insight and control over the material consumption during the production process. More information can be found in the FerlinBridge brochure.

Economical and user-friendly

All components are dosed separately and weighed in the weighing pan, which is equipped with an accurate weighing system. After weighing, the complete batch falls into the mixing chamber, and the horizontal mixer ensures a homogeneous mixture. A level sensor in the mixing chamber monitors the entire cycle.

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