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Ferlin - MOVAC hopper loaders

The smartest solution for blow moulding, injection moulding and extrusion

Ferlin - MOVAC hopper loaders

The MOVAC Hopper loaders

In a central transport system, small details make a big difference. Our hopper loaders are packed with smart features. There is a safety catch on the lid so that it cannot fall on the operator's fingers. Due to a smart design, we do not use rubber with our mesh filter. What is not there cannot be broken. The bottom valve is closed on metal and sealed with rubber. This rubber is also mounted as it should be, without glue and not under tension. This extends the life of the rubber enormously, and replacing the rubber is now a matter of seconds. After all, no glue residue has to be removed. All in all, these clever features make these hopper loaders the most robust and maintenance-friendly on the market.
  • Made entirely of stainless steel
  • Down time reduced to a minimum
  • Capacity 1 to 70 litres
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Technical specifications

VC-10140 mm40 mm1 L
VC-10240 mm40 mm2 L
VC-10440 mm40 mm4 L
VC-20750 / 60 mm50 / 60 mm7 L
VC-21250 / 60 mm50 / 60 mm12 L
VC-21750 / 60 mm50 / 60 mm17 L
VC-32550 / 60 mm50 / 60 mm25 L
VC-34050 / 60 mm50 / 60 mm40 L
VC-57060 / 70 mm60 / 70 mm70 L
Ferlin - MOVAC hopper loaders

Focus on what is important

Turn on and off by yourself, with no surprises in between. Durable products that keep on working, despite frequent use, make life easy. To make good products, you need good tools. As a supplier of peripheral equipment, we realise only too well that our customers would rather not have to deal with our machines. In this way, a small component has a major impact on fault-free and continuous production. After all, it's all about the injection moulding, extrusion or blow moulding process. Our robust and low-maintenance hopper loaders leave more time to focus on the processes that make the difference.

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