MOVAC Pump filter system

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Ferlin - MOVAC pump filter systems

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Ferlin - MOVAC pump filter systems

The Pump Filter System

MOVAC's pump filter systems are unique in their kind. Standard equipped with a bypass valve so that the pump is not continuously switched on and off, which increases the service life of the pump. The powerful reverse jet cleaning uses a vacuum to clean the filter bags. This, together with substantial aeration, ensures that in a short period of time, a lot of air flows through the filter bags. As a result, almost all the dust falls out of the filter bags into a collection tray. If the filter can be kept clean, a smaller pump can be used, and the filter needs to be cleaned less often by hand. A clean filter also has a positive effect on the size of the pump and its consumption.
  • Unique filter design
  • Powerful reverse jet cleaning
  • Energy-saving
  • PLC / microprocessor control
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Technical specifications

F4 CF500
Number of filters 1 12
Surface filter 0,457m2 2,5m2
Aeration diameter 50 mm 70 mm
Diameter vacuum connection (mm) 50 / 70 mm 50 / 60 / 70 mm
Differential pressure 500 mBar 500 mBar
Dimensions (lxwxh) 730.6 x 505.4 x 1228 mm 900 x 792 x 1739 mm
Ferlin - MOVAC pump filter systems
Ferlin - MOVAC pump filter systems
Ferlin - MOVAC pump filter systems

Being smart has never been so much fun

Products are there to solve problems. The design of our filter does exactly that. A filter must ensure that the air is cleaned before it is sucked in by the pump. The filter should not work against the pump. When a filter becomes clogged, it does work against the pump. This puts pressure on the capacity of the transport system. Because our filter cleans itself so well, the capacity is no longer under pressure, and we can often use a smaller pump. In addition, our filter saves a lot of time because it no longer needs to be cleaned by hand.

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